Free Abstractions Screensaver

Free Abstractions Screensaver 1.0

The perfect screensaver for abstract art lovers


  • Wide collection of images
  • It can display time
  • You can browse through images


  • Images are not created in real time


Abstraction Screensaver is described as an awesome collection of abstract images and it really is. It includes a wide selection of totally intricate images that can be relaxing or even challenging, depending on how you approach them.

The featured images are really nice. They show different design patterns and colors, so there are no two images alike. I also appreciated the fact that you can display the clock if you want, and that you can actually browse through the images while the screensaver is on.

However, I must admit I'm a bit disappointed because I expected images to be generated in real time before my eyes. But Abstractions Screensaver doesn't work that way: it just displays finished images with transition effects between them.

Abstractions Screensaver is a simple, nice-looking screensaver that fits any computer in any location.

You will definitely enjoy watching this awesome collection of abstract images. Everyone finds something he needs in these sophisticated and incomprehensible images. And do not think that the interweaving is random here; most of it is exact mathematical formulas.

Simply download this screensaver and see what you can find in these beautiful, high-quality images!

Free Abstractions Screensaver


Free Abstractions Screensaver 1.0

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